SILA West 47 Exhibition is up now.

03.25.09 / SILA West 47 Exhibition is up now.

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Gallery Nucleus and SILA <> present an exhibition of works by over 90 established and emerging artists chosen for the Illustration West 47 Competition. 

I participate in this show. If you live near by the gallery, please check it out!

Cafe Freak

03.18.09 / Cafe Freak

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I always look for a nice and cozy cafe because I love to work in there to refresh my mind. Since I moved in to this area (Jackson Heights, Queens), I hadn’t had enough time to roam around the new neighborhood. Today was a perfect day, not cold anymore, to search it around,  and I found several good ones. This is the one of them, small Italian bakery cafe. So I took a sheet there, in a spot filled with bright sunlight, then drew this sketch.


at Italian bakery and cafe

Fast Food Victims

03.04.09 / Fast Food Victims

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I read this book, Fast Food Nation, a while ago and then, witnessed on Youtube how animals are treated so badly.
It was so shocking as to make me feel angry and sad about this wasting world of consumerism.
But ,at the same time,  eating meats sounds more natural to me as a human being because we have been eating meats since the ice age.  The problem is that the ways those meats are produced are wrong in US, and they are not safe enough to eat anymore because of the artificial procedure to make foods. And some people are making huge profit out of killing and abusing animals.
Is there any way to make this world better?  As long as there are some people who eat meats, those companies keep wasting animals’ lives.  Is it the only way to become a vegetarian to fight against this fast food industries?
It’s hard for me to find an answer…

Fast Food Victims

Fast Food Victims