Great Hat

05.30.09 / Great Hat

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I found this cool hat at flea market and fell in love with it.( but didn’t buy…) Then, I imagined  it would be nice if  a tap dancer put it on.

tap dancing with great hat

a seductive woman, Manon Lescaut

05.21.09 / a seductive woman, Manon Lescaut

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When I read Manon Lescaut in my college class, ( in French!) I though how stupid this guy, Chevallier Des Griex, was.
But I was attracted by the craziness of this story and power of the famme fatal.
Recently, I had a chance to see the opera and re-read the book again. Then got inspiration to create my own version of Manon.  Here is the bitch! (Oops! No, No, I like her!)

If you haven’t read it, you can read it here online.