Midnight Cooking

06.30.09 / Midnight Cooking

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My mom is a good cook and she made most of dishes from scratch.
When I was a kid, at midnight,  I went down to the kitchen to drink water and witnessed her standing there with a knife and her hands covered with blood. That was scary scene. Actually my mother was cooking fish. She always tried to cook material as it was still fresh, so sometimes she kept cooking till midnight preparing dishes for the next day dinner.

Then I though woman is a mysterious creature. She normally looks nice with good dress and makeup, tender and soft, but at the same time, she is fine with this kind of bloody activity,even doing it at midnight alone!

Well, this lady here is not my mom but she is certainly related to the memory of her.


Affection for costumes

06.19.09 / Affection for costumes

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I love any kind of costume-related events like theatrical stuff, or parade, Halloween, etc.
This image is about Cologne Carnival which is a big festival held in Germany every year.


What she reminds me of…

06.09.09 / What she reminds me of…

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There are many fashionable ladies around the city. Sometimes they remind me of something else with their fashions and appearances. Here are some examples…
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tomato lady

salmon-like lady