Currency exchange rules

09.27.09 / Currency exchange rules

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This image is a recent work for STOCKS & COMMODITIES magazine.
The article is about how currency exchange rules have been changed by the authority.

Luxaholic Japanese girls

09.20.09 / Luxaholic Japanese girls

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It’s real story about brand obsessed Japanese girls. Some girl collapsed because of severe malnutrition after she starved herself in order to save money to purchase limited edition of brand bag and she ended up being at hospital. In current recession, there is no other way for them to get those high-end  fashion items.  It’s been reported that half of Japanese women in their 20s own a Louis Vitton.  I witnessed the fact at that time I was in Japan.


Still like long hair ?

09.09.09 / Still like long hair ?

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I know girls, and boys,  like nice, long hair, but sometimes, you see a girl go over the top. I can’t help imagining how she dare to take care of it, like shampooing and drying it.


Kill two birds with one stone

09.01.09 / Kill two birds with one stone

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This image is about a story of a guy catching fish. Then he also caught a woman who was swallowed by the fish. Lucky!