dream story3 – Being naked in a dream

01.29.10 / dream story3 – Being naked in a dream

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Again, it’s a series of illustrations of dream reading. If you are naked in the public scene, being comfortable or behaving normal, that means you are very satisfied with being yourself, or you don’t have nothing to hide about yourself.
Good for you!

You can read other explanation of this dream was on Mr. Robert Moss’s blog.


dream story 2

01.18.10 / dream story 2

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Have you ever had bathroom trouble in your dream?  While you feel the need to go to the bathroom, you can not do so for some reason,  like that the bathroom is clogged up or is not equipped with a bath tissue, etc.
The key words related to the bathroom are “evacuation”, “dirty” and “filthy”. This kind of dream could be interpreted as you have some issue inside of you but can not get rid of it or release it now. Or it could mean a bad habit  you currently have but you are struggling to quit it, such as smoking or drinking.

Hope you don’t have such a dream tonight!



01.10.10 / Society52_reception

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I attended opening reception party at the Society of Illustrators 52 annual show.
Here are the views of my works on the wall and people hanging around in the gallery.

What She Reminds Me Of... series

party crowd

My illustrator friends, Aya Kakeda, Nora Krug, Yunmee Kyong and Lauren Simkin Berke


Society of Illustrators 51 Annual book came out! The cover image was done by great illustrator, Edel Rodoriguez.

Illustrators51 book

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