Evan Lysacek

02.28.10 / Evan Lysacek

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Winter Olympics in Vancouver was over today. I enjoyed some of the competitions, like speed skating and figure skating.
Evan Lysacek was the most sexiest and handsome figure skater I’ve ever seen. So I did this quick sketch trying to capture his elegant movement on the ice. But only one thing which bothered me was his hair sticking out whenever he was spinning.


dream story 5 – house and room

02.21.10 / dream story 5 – house and room

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The house or room appears in your dream highly reflects your state of mind. You should remember which room it was, or how it looks like. Was it neat and clean, or messy? For instance, an attic is interpreted as a storage of your memories or feelings from your past. Because the room is located at the top of your house, the dream is linked to your consciousness a lot. If this room in your dream is dusty, or scattered with many things, it might be a message from yourself that you should solve issues from the past. If it’s a bedroom, it’s related to your most private matters, like your secrets or, of course, your sexual issues.


dream story 4 – sexual dream

02.11.10 / dream story 4 – sexual dream

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I know many people have had sex in their dream.  The article said this type of dream is not necessary to indicate sexual meaning. It’s more about connection with others, or reflection of your own state of mind.

If you couldn’t complete sex in a dream, it represents that you have an issue that you haven’t solved yet, or that you have to face up to. If the sex partner was a somebody you know,  it might mean that you want to be closer to the person and want to understand him (or her) .  Especially, if that person was somebody famous, rich, or having a high social status,  you might have a desire to be in that position by yourself.  So I guess it’s better to not have sex with a homeless guy in your dream…..