What she reminds me of…2

03.17.10 / What she reminds me of…2

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New image for my ongoing project.

Great Lunch at 3×3 Studio

03.16.10 / Great Lunch at 3×3 Studio

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I got nicely invited for a lunch by Charles Hively, the publisher of 3 x 3 magazine, great art director, graphic designer.
It was a great opportunity for me to talk to him one by one in a relaxed mood. He kindly commented about it on his blog, here.
I really appreciate to know somebody like Charles who highly evaluates the use of illustration and supports our work so passionately.

at 3x3 magazine studio

dream of water

03.07.10 / dream of water

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The “shape” of water in your dream, like the amount, form, and transparency is a key to observe. Then, be aware of your feeling as you see the water. Your subconscious mind tries to show you what situation you are in, or what state of mind you have now.