false eyelashes and

08.31.10 / false eyelashes and

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65th Hiroshima Anniversary

08.06.10 / 65th Hiroshima Anniversary

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A-bomb was dropped in Hiroshima exactly 65 years ago. Today,an annual memorial service was held in Hiroshima and, for the fist time after the war, U.S., UK and French Ambassadors participated to the ceremony. It took really long time for them to make the decision.
Many people believe  that is past. That’s right, however, I know there are many survivors still suffering from all kinds of symptoms caused by the bomb, especially by radiation effect. The survivor’s average age has reached almost 77 years old this year. They still live in the hell. For them, it will never end untill their last day. Let’s pray for them… and for our future.


Shops for what?

08.04.10 / Shops for what?

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This is an absolutely  experimental piece to play with some objects ( shopping bag and bra ) and my illustration together.
I think it’s more convincing if somebody who shops around in your neighborhood appears on the shopping bags rather than super model does.

Oh, this bra is NOT mine. It ‘s for her !