My picture book is out!

07.26.15 / My picture book is out!

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Finally, finally…
My looooong term project is completed and out !

It’s a picture book about a life of Nagasaki atomic bomb surviver, Mr. Sumiteru Taniguchi, with whom I interviewed five years ago. This book is not focusing on what happened to “then” but more on his “current” life.

I am happy to be able to announce this news corresponding 70 years anniversary of the bombing and end of World War II.

In the process of making this book, lots of my friends helped me and encouraged me to make this happen. Especially I thank my friend Justin Neely who devoted so much of his time and energy for me on writing and fixing my English and Chie Ushio on designing.

The book is available at book stores, Kinokuniya NY  and St.Marks Bookshop, plus online You can also take a look at it at Japan Society Library too!



from my picture book

07.12.15 / from my picture book

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I have been working on this picture book titled A Good Life in Hell for years. It’s almost ready to be published officially. I am so excited! Today I am just sharing some of the images from the book.