Illustration Tsushin award

05.14.11 / Illustration Tsushin award

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An illustration award ceremony was held by Illustration Tsushin at Malpu Gallery in Tokyo. The chair, a Japanese leading illustrator, Mr. Mori and one of the judge, an internationally-well-known illustrator, Tatsuro Kituchi, were attended. It was a beautiful day and a nice ceremony surrounded by fresh greens.


Selected in American Illustration 30

04.23.11 / Selected in American Illustration 30

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My “Cotton Lady ” and ” Salmon Lady” from ” What she reminds me of…” series were selected in AI 30. I am so thrilled !

Chosen in American Illustration 29

04.15.10 / Chosen in American Illustration 29

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I got a great news that one of my illustration was chosen in AI 29 !  Here is the selected image.

Happy Holidays

12.24.09 / Happy Holidays

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and wishing you all Joyful New Year.

Chosen in American Illustrators 29


What she reminds me of…

06.09.09 / What she reminds me of…

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There are many fashionable ladies around the city. Sometimes they remind me of something else with their fashions and appearances. Here are some examples…
Selected in Society of Illustrators 52

tomato lady

salmon-like lady


60’s Go Go

02.16.09 / 60’s Go Go

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These days I am into 60’s fashion and vintage stuff.  I wish I could do time-slip and enjoy Go Go Dance once.

This image is Chosen in American Illustration 28.

Go Go 60's

Go Go 60's