Hoh oho holiday sale

12.17.10 / Hoh oho holiday sale

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Holiday sale is everywhere and it’s hard to not buy anything these days… ¬†Experimentally, and quickly, I did this sketchy drawing on a wood plate, which I enjoyed.


Happy Holidays

12.24.09 / Happy Holidays

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and wishing you all Joyful New Year.

Chosen in American Illustrators 29


Spread love to the world!

02.13.09 / Spread love to the world!

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Happy Valentine’s Day !

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 09

All’s well that ends well.

12.22.08 / All’s well that ends well.

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At the end of the year, I got great news from Society of Illustrators NY.

One of my piece, titled Chandelier Girl (Look at my illustration page.) was selected in the Annual Exhibition Illustration 51, which will be show in March 09.

It’s is down time but, at least, I can finish the year happily with this news.

Have great holidays everyone!

Holiday Greeting 2008

Holiday Greeting 2008