outstanding fashionista

09.27.11 / outstanding fashionista

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Because of NY Fashion Week, September is one of the most fun time to check fashion on the streets!   They put tremendous energy to dress up for the shows. This year, I want to give a gold medal to this gentleman.

His eyebrows are sparkling!

Then we put on those sun glassies!!

I’ve never seen anybody wear those no- heel-high-heels in real.

Then, he walked away so elegantly……   Bravo !!!


John Galliano

02.28.11 / John Galliano

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It was a season for new spring/summer collection in fashion industry. I enjoyed it ! Particularly, Christian Dior by John Galliano. He’s genius!  But… I know what he did was terrible. It’s sad …



Elmhurst in Queens NY

01.12.11 / Elmhurst in Queens NY

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I think Elmhurst is a really melting spot among any other areas in NY.
This is another experimental painting on a wooded plate.


Hoh oho holiday sale

12.17.10 / Hoh oho holiday sale

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Holiday sale is everywhere and it’s hard to not buy anything these days…  Experimentally, and quickly, I did this sketchy drawing on a wood plate, which I enjoyed.


false eyelashes and

08.31.10 / false eyelashes and

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Evan Lysacek

02.28.10 / Evan Lysacek

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Winter Olympics in Vancouver was over today. I enjoyed some of the competitions, like speed skating and figure skating.
Evan Lysacek was the most sexiest and handsome figure skater I’ve ever seen. So I did this quick sketch trying to capture his elegant movement on the ice. But only one thing which bothered me was his hair sticking out whenever he was spinning.


Nasty sweat

08.21.09 / Nasty sweat

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I start doing exercise at gym.  It’s terrible to sweat like this.



Cafe Freak

03.18.09 / Cafe Freak

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I always look for a nice and cozy cafe because I love to work in there to refresh my mind. Since I moved in to this area (Jackson Heights, Queens), I hadn’t had enough time to roam around the new neighborhood. Today was a perfect day, not cold anymore, to search it around,  and I found several good ones. This is the one of them, small Italian bakery cafe. So I took a sheet there, in a spot filled with bright sunlight, then drew this sketch.


at Italian bakery and cafe

More fashion sketch

09.27.08 / More fashion sketch

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I’ve been having fun doing this kind of fashion sketch these days.

I like the spontaneous look.

Cat walk