Turnip Lady

12.01.12 / Turnip Lady

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I haven’t worked on this series for a while, but managed to add a new piece !


Vidal Sassoon hair

07.20.12 / Vidal Sassoon hair

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This is a series of illustrations for a Japanese magazine called Ocappa featuring on charismatic hair stylist, Vidal Sassoon.


Interview with GALLERAY

06.28.12 / Interview with GALLERAY

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It was great honor for me to be a part of great art community like GALLERAY.
My interview is out their online magazine.



rice planting

06.24.12 / rice planting

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This is for a part of my long-going project.


Harajuku girl meets Meadham Kirchhoff

01.29.12 / Harajuku girl meets Meadham Kirchhoff

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Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff , Fashion designers, Spring 2012 collection is so inspiring to me because their clothing is so pop, colorful and funny. As I saw these characteristic outfits, I instantly connected them with Japanese Harajuku Fashion, which is now well-known in fashion industry because of the unique and catchy style. Meadham and Kirchhoff’s design and Harajuku Fashion both have interesting motif to draw, which drove me to create this image.


They are the reference pictures from the collection of Meadham Kirchhoffand and Harajuku girl!

Cherry Lady

12.30.11 / Cherry Lady

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Now you know what she reminds me of.  Yes!
She’s waving to you all to greet  “Happy New Year ! ”


Cantaloupe Lady

11.17.11 / Cantaloupe Lady

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This new image is added in “What she reminds me of …” series.



outstanding fashionista

09.27.11 / outstanding fashionista

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Because of NY Fashion Week, September is one of the most fun time to check fashion on the streets!   They put tremendous energy to dress up for the shows. This year, I want to give a gold medal to this gentleman.

His eyebrows are sparkling!

Then we put on those sun glassies!!

I’ve never seen anybody wear those no- heel-high-heels in real.

Then, he walked away so elegantly……   Bravo !!!


High Fashion at High Line

08.30.11 / High Fashion at High Line

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I saw this highly fashionable man at High Line park. He was shining in yellow shirt with super shining shoes.
I think he is extremely careful of his look with little things like a scarf that is hanging down from a pocket on the pants and tassels on his purse, on his belt and on the shoes!


garbage picking lady?

06.27.11 / garbage picking lady?

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I found him/her around Union Sq. Why is he (or she) in this kind of fashion to pick up empty pet bottles out of garbage?
Well, I think this person simply likes to dress up  and I like the way she looks !



afro actress

06.14.11 / afro actress

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On some early summer Saturday, I was sitting at outside cafe in Norita.

What a style!

Her eccentric look caught my eyes. She had big afro hair and put on a bikini top OVER T-shirt !
I could even see her underwear a bit from the hem of her super short denim skirt. Wow! She seemed like enjoying just standing there to get people’s attention. So I run to her to get her permission to take a picture of her, then found out she was an actress.There was LiveInTheater.com printed on her business card. I got it!


Dear Japan

06.02.11 / Dear Japan

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I’m going to participate to this one night art sale exhibition in SOHO, NY on 6/4 (Sat.) this weekend.
My artist friend, Aya Kakeda (www.ayakakeda.com) and her friends organized this meaningful event in order to help out those earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.

170 artists’ work will be shown at the gallery all at once, and anybody can purchase those great arts at super decent price!  This is my piece done by gouache , pencil and a bit of collage.

Please bring your friends to support those Japanese survivors.


Dear Japan ~170 Artists 170 Messages – Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Crisis Relief Benefit Art Exhibition

June 4th, 2011, Saturday 4-8 PM

@ Art Connect New York Gallery Space, 491 Broadway, Suite 500, New York, NY10012


Illustration Tsushin award

05.14.11 / Illustration Tsushin award

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An illustration award ceremony was held by Illustration Tsushin at Malpu Gallery in Tokyo. The chair, a Japanese leading illustrator, Mr. Mori and one of the judge, an internationally-well-known illustrator, Tatsuro Kituchi, were attended. It was a beautiful day and a nice ceremony surrounded by fresh greens.


NY street fashion

04.26.11 / NY street fashion

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I was flipping through Japanese fashion magazines the other day, then found that they introduced super cool almost-model-like fashionable people as a NY street fashion scene. Well, yes. There are “some” people dressed up like them. But I couldn’t help feeling a gap between those fashionistas in the magazines and the ones on NY streets in real.





Selected in American Illustration 30

04.23.11 / Selected in American Illustration 30

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My “Cotton Lady ” and ” Salmon Lady” from ” What she reminds me of…” series were selected in AI 30. I am so thrilled !